When it comes to escorting I am sure you have heard some horror stories but it’s not all bad. There are risks of course as there are with many alone working job role,  but as you are usually behind closed doors and fulfilling fantasies whilst wearing next to nothing it is no surprise that people view escorting as one of the top most dangerous lone working jobs out there. We have some hints and tips from some of the best escorts in the industry today so read on as some of the could save a life!

  1. Ensure someone knows where you are at all times. This could be the agency or if you are working independently you could let a friend or family member know.
  2. GPS – take advantage of your GPS mobile phone function, you can then ‘check in’ to addresses so that your last location will always be visible to anyone who knows to look there! You could also send you actual location to a friend or family member so that each time you visit a new place your nearest and dearest will know exactly where you are!
  3. Leave notes at home to the state where you are going – that way if you do run into trouble your last location will be recorded at your home for all to see.
  4. Text a family member or friend at each location, that way they will have an SMS to refer back to in order to see where you were last known to be!
  5. Use a driver you trust – many escorts use drivers these days so make sure your driver knows where you are going and try to advise on timeframes where possible – that way if you are taken to a 2 hour booking and don’t show up after the time has passed it should raise alarm bells if you haven’t shown up thereafter.
  6. Get an app on your phone that would help you in tight situations. There are so many apps and gadgets out there now it is worth getting yourself one that can assist. There are lots on the market that you can raise a panic alarm with. Some are in secret so as not to alert your ‘attacker’ to your alarm as well as some not so subtle ones. Make the best choice for your scenario and stay safe!

So there you have a few hints and tips to stay safe in the big wide world of escorting. Let us know which work for you if any and also let us know if you find a method using that we have not listed above. Stay safe and sexy you beauties! Don’t forget to read Prostitution: A User’s Manual on https://www.huffingtonpost.in.

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